Suitcase Service


When you pack for a trip, what do you put in your suitcase?

Your best clothes.

16's Suitcase Service strives to help you fill your closet with suitcase standard clothes.  Our team of experienced personal stylists hand pick each item to match your unique style, fit, and need.  At 16 Suitcases, we believe every item in your closet should be one you feel and look amazing in.  We take the guesswork and frustration out of shopping, and it's as easy as 1-2-3!


How To:


1. Unpack Your Suitcase

Try on all of your items, you never know what you will like! Style them with pieces you have at home to get a feel for them. Pair items together to create new looks. Take your time, you have seven days to try on and return items.


2. You Decide

After your impromptu fashion show, determine which pieces are your favorite! If you chose to order all of the selected items, you will receive a 10% discount on each item!


3. Unwanted Items Board a Pre Paid Flight

If you choose to return any of the selected items, simply place them in the pre-paid mailing bag included in your Suitcase. Unwanted items have a free trip back to our 16 Suitcases store. Drop this bag off at any local UPS store or UPS mailbox. Or, call your local UPS store to schedule a quick pickup.



Ready to get hand selected clothing and accessories delivered to your doorstep?  Call (708) 628-3677 today to set up an appointment with your personal stylist.